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Thanks for visiting!

Hey thanks for visiting my web page and looking at my adventures in the Bullet around the world.    There is so much to see not only pictures but links to videos and pdf of my books and more

Statue of Liberty New York       Boy did that take some organising including almost getting arrested at gunpoint.     Would not get away with it now.

Tucker 1045 and the Bullet

Here is Terry and myself as few days before the 300 days World trip started

St Basils Moscow

Moscow St Basils Cathedral whoo boy did that take some orchestrating  

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace about 5 am in the morning.   Only way I could get the shot.   Came pretty close to getting arrested that day. 

This is Alan Kempster who I was very privaledged to spend a few hours with and share his story on the 30 pubs Victoria trip