Bren Edge

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Looking back at Manhattan Island 


Here is the Bullet 1 with the Bullet 2 in the foreground waiting to be painted

Atlanta Georgia with Eric Hummil and his Pontiac doing a bit of handshake bonnet surfing in front of the Big Chicken

New York Manhatton Island Photo taken by Henry my hired cameraman and guide for the day 

Im at Mike Pike's Cherokee County Cycles in North Carolina and seriously how could I go past this and not surf it?     
 Mike had some interesting car in the shed too

I  am with Moira Kelly at the Sands in Torquay with the new bonnet on the Bullet and the Route 69 logo and hers ready for the big day on Sunday 22nd October at the Trafalgar Holden Museum

Moira signing the Bonnet on the Bullet in readyness for Sunday the 22nd Oct at the Trafalgar HOlden Museum and their Route 69 drive.


Two Ida's



Luke and myself at the end of the 30 pubs doco